Gender-equitable participation and diversity open up an untapped treasure of artistic potential for companies in the culture and media industry and therefore represent a huge opportunity. The inclusion of a wide variety of people in the artistic process also prevents stereotypical misrepresentations of women, minorities and marginalized population groups. In addition, a future-oriented corporate culture increases the radiance of your company or your theater.


FEMALE GAZE advises producers, artistic directors and directors on


  • unconscious bias

  • gender equality and diversity in the company - in front of and behind the camera, on and behind the stage

  • compatibility of family and work for film and theater professionals

  • fair contract design


Dealing with issues such as abuse of power, diversity and inclusion is inevitable for leaders nowadays. Sexual assault, racism and discrimination are still widespread in both the film and theater industries [4] .


FEMALE GAZE advises on


  • prevention of abuse of power, as well as sexism, racism and discrimination

  • dealing with complaints and duty of care










[4] In der Umfrage „Vielfalt im Film“ gaben 81% der cis-Frauen an, mehrfach sexuelle Belästigung am Arbeitsplatz erlebt zu haben. Die Umfrage des Schweizerischen Bühnenkünstlerverbandes SBKV kommt zu einem ähnlichen Ergebnis: Hier gaben 80 Prozent aller Teilnehmenden an, in den letzten zwei Berufsjahren mindestens einen sexuellen Übergriff erlebt zu haben - 69 Prozent der Opfer waren Frauen.